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French & Spanish Lessons

Club Z! of Florence, AL Offers Private, In-Home Foreign Language Tutoring In All Levels.

Whether you are taking French or Spanish Language courses in school or want to learn French or Spanish for personal/business reasons, Club Z! has the Florence Foreign Language tutoring you need.

Our private, personalized tutoring will help you understand the basics of French or Spanish and make sure your communication skills are correct. Each of our Florence tutors will focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure you fully grasp your foreign language.

We will find the easiest and best way for you to learn so that you can put it to use in your everyday life! Our tutors will educate on all aspects of learning in Florence, Killen, Leighton, Muscle Shoals, Rogersville, Sheffield and Tuscumbia!

Beginner French Tutoring

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✔︎ French Alphabet
✔︎ Spelling French
✔︎ French Numerals
✔︎ French Grammar
✔︎ French Vocabulary
✔︎ And More

Middle/High School French Tutors

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✔︎ Common French Phrases
✔︎ French Pronunciation
✔︎ French Phonology
✔︎ Writing French
✔︎ French Dialects
✔︎ And More

French For Business Tutoring

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✔︎ Fluent Verbal Communication
✔︎ French Business Writing
✔︎ Proper French Pronunciation
✔︎ French Cultural Norms
✔︎ And More

Beginner Spanish Tutoring

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✔︎ Spanish Alphabet
✔︎ Spelling Spanish
✔︎ Spanish Numerals
✔︎ Spanish Grammar
✔︎ Spanish Vocabulary
✔︎ And More

Spanish For Business Tutoring

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✔︎ Fluent Spanish Verbal Communication
✔︎ Spanish Business Writing
✔︎ Proper Spanish Pronunciation
✔︎ Spanish Cultural Norms
✔︎ And More

Middle/High School Spanish Tutors

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✔︎ Common Spanish Phrases
✔︎ Spanish Pronunciation
✔︎ Spanish Phonology
✔︎ Writing Spanish
✔︎ Spanish Dialects
✔︎ And More